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Rich Reilly: Updates

Site is back, what's next. - November 29, 2015

Hi again. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in the process of redoing the website, hopefully it should be ready soon and it's going to be really great and hopefully I'll have more great content to follow. Thank you to all that come hear and check out my music. Talk to you soon. Rich Reilly 

Hello again Hello!!!! - March 30, 2014

Well it's been since like June since I've written anything here and I hope there're still some people out there that still want to come back and see my site, I'm finally BACK AGAIN!!! But this time I'm really ready to give you guys out there some new music and pictures and maybe some video, I do have a youtube channel it's under spaceace716, and on this channel I do reviews of my guitars that I have and I'm going to be featuring some of my new music in the reviews of the I have some irons in the fire, so go check out my youtube channel again it's under spaceace716 and you'll see me sitting there in my attic/music room/man cave and you can see me jamming on my guitars and talking about guitars...anyway thank you out there if you've come back I'm really going to try hard to keep this going and not let it go down again...Thank You and I'll see you soon...I promise!   Rich Reilly "spaceace716"

I'm Back!!!!!! - June 1, 2013

Ok, it's been a very very very long time since I've done anything on my site, and it's time to come back and revisit the site and fresh'n things up a bit, first i'm going to redo the site and add new pics....a lot of things have changed a lot of new guitars and other equipment plus I want to put new music up of course so it's and new start coming so come on back Thanx Rich Reilly

HAPPY HOLIDAYS - December 26, 2009

Just want wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I haven't had a chance to update the site I've been very busy, but I did finish a project about a month ago for an artist named Wes Cathey I did the bass work on all the songs for his new cd, I'll keep you updated when the neww cd comes out but if you love hard rock meets metal meets punk, you'll this cd. I'll also update you on the progress of the short film score that I've been working on it will be out in the new year, so stay tuned for more updates. Thanks Rich Reilly

Music From Crash Land Film In My Music Section - October 24, 2009

Hello again to everyone out there I just wanted to update on what's going on with the sound track. I have been working very hard for the last month on the Crash Land score and it's been going great just about all the music is done the last time I spoke to the director Altas Ali the film and the music have gone off to the editor who is putting it together, Altas said that everything was going well with it he said we might have to make some adjustments but other than that it sounds great. In my music section I'm going to put up bits and pieces of the music that are going to be in the film so check it out. That's it for now it's back to the studio for me talk to you soon. Rich

Working On Film Score - September 3, 2009

I'm very excited about the opportunity to work on a short film. The film is called Crash Land and it's a short film written and directed by Altas Ali. I'm in my studio right now working on the score for the film and I'm having a blast doing it, it's a lot of work but I love every minute of it, so has I get more info I'll share it with you so STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Stay Tuned - July 22, 2009

It's been a while since my last entry a lots happened, so keep come in back for new pics and new songs, I'm working on revamping this site. Thanks

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!! - July 3, 2006

Just want to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. Stay tuned there's more to come,I'm still finishing up some tunes so stay tuned for that, and there's more to come with JP and myself, are gig on the the 17th of June went well and there's more to come. I'll talk to you soon.

Rich Reilly

New Pictures!!!!! - May 13, 2006

Hello to everyone out there just want to update you. I have some new pictures on the site so check them out and also Jp and myself are gearing up for some summer gigs, dates and times will be posted as soon as we get more info we do have a warm up show on June 12th in Cherry Hill New Jersey that's right kids where in the Garden State. It's so exciting!!! Plus I'm still working on new tunes for my new CD, there's a lot on the plate right now and these things take some time to put together, but I hope to have some new tunes on the site very shortly. So Stay Tuned!!!!!!

Rich Reilly

NEW NEWS - March 11, 2006

Hi to all my friends out there, I know it's been a long time but I wanted to get to it and update you on somethings that are going on. First, shatteredimageonline is down right now I'm in the process of rebuilding the site and finding a new home for it, it may take some time but when it comes back it will be stronger than ever and don't worry will continue and also get better as we move along. Second, I'm in the process of finishing an Acoustic version of "Night Of A Hundred Dreams" the song sounds amazing and better than the original version which was a hard rock song but I just thought it would sound better as an acoustic version and it does. I'm also working on finishing my first instrumental CD called Beyond Infinity or I'm thinking calling it INVASION. I'm still debating this, and I'm always working on new material for a new Shattered Image CD but at this point it's not ready but when new material is ready I'll put it on the site. God it's been 5 years since "Night of a hundred Dreams" the CD was released on, it's been to long, anyway that's it for now and keep on coming back and I should have some more sounds on the site and some new pictures. That's it and keep on Rockin.

Rich Reilly


I finally got around to working on this website as you can see I've made a few changes and I put some new songs on the site just go to the Music link and you'll see that there are 4 new songs with 2 versions of the song "In To The Night" and a demo of a song by Jp and myself called "Justify" that we never finished but is still cool. The new songs are "Beyond", "In to the Night", "Quantum Shred" and "Electronica". So go check them out I know you'll like them, and there's more to come I'm still pumping out tracks as I write this so STAY TUNED!!!!!!!

Rich Reilly

New Music Is on The Way!!!! - August 2, 2005

Hi out there just want to let everyone know that some new tracks are on the way it's taking a little longer but it will be worth the wait, there will be three new tracks their titles are "Into The Night", "Beyond", and "Invasion" and all the tracks are instrumentals. The first track "In To THe Night" should be done by next week so say tuned.

Also I want to thank my friend and old bandmate Dave Woodall from my first band Predator for looking me up, we got together for the first time in 15 years last friday and it was great. Who knows maybe we could work on some tunes together. Ya Never Know, it would be very cool. I'll talk to you soon Dave.

So that's it for now so STAY TUNED.

Rich Reilly

New Pictures!!! - March 30, 2005

I just put up some new pictures, I have alot more to put up but I'll get them up as soon as I edit them. Also I have two new songs that I'm almost finished they'll be on the site next week so get ready. Talk to you soon!
Rich Reilly

Happy March!!! - March 2, 2005

It's a new month and I have another song on the site for you to listen to it's called and it's a long title " I'm Sorry For The Things I've Said And Done" it was written by me and Ashley Reilly and it's really great check it out and stay tuned for more NEW music on the way this month.

Rich Reilly

WE HAVE MORE MUSIC!!!! - February 22, 2005

Yes here's another song that I did with my friend Maurice Briddell back in 2002 it's called Inspiration and it just shows a whole different style than the other two songs on the site. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You! - February 21, 2005

I just want to thank everyone who's been checking out my site and signing the guest book, so keep coming back there's more to come I have some new songs that I'm finishing so STAY TUNED!!!!

Rich Reilly

WE HAVE MUSIC!!!!!! - February 11, 2005

Ok we finally have a couple of tunes on the site for your listening pleasure. The first song is called "This Life"(2001) it's a hard rockin gem and it's about my life and some of the things I went through, I don't have lyrics up yet but I will but at least there's something to listen to, the next song is "I need your love"(2003). This is a song that me and my friend JP Munar wrote together it's got a pop/rock feel and I just love this song. On this track you have Jp doing all of the vocals I do all the guitars and bass lines and are friend Rodney W. on drums I now everyones going to love this track. Also the song "This Life" I do all of the instrumentation on the track it's all me I know you'll love it.
I'm also working on new material so has soon as I get something done I'll put it on the site and I'm going to continue to add all my material that I have written over the years there's alot of songs so keep listening.

Rich Reilly

It's a new Beginning! - February 9, 2005

I'm still working on this site so if anyone reads this stay tuned there's more to come.

Rich Reilly

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