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Rich Reilly: Music

Night Of A Hundred Dreams (2001)

(Rich Reilly)
Rich Reilly
In the fall of 2000 I started to put this song together, it's interesting that the heavy riff that starts the song after the opening was written 12 years before back in 1988. In the original Shattered Image I remember showing the guys in the band that riff and they loved it but we never got to finish it and I filed the riff in my endless demo tape collection and now and then I would play around with the riff and didn't know where to go with it, until one sunday morning in 2000 when my girlfriend said something about having a night full of a hundred dreams and it hit me as a perfect title for a song and the whole thing came together pretty quick and it turned out to be a really cool song and I'm working on rereleasing it as a acoustic version some time in 2007